This is the most common question that people ask me and in doing so they are questioning whether the book is someting they will like. That’s certainly understandable, so let’s see what it’s about and then you decide if you might like to read it:

Descent from the Hill is a coming of age story about a young patrician New Englander whose life becomes intertwined with those of his 3 college roommates and their families starting in 1960 and throughout the ensuing years. The story unfolds against a backdrop of actual historical events that are referenced at the end of the book. After graduation from a college they call The Hill, they experience life in an era plagued by world shaking chaos-war, drugs, rebellion, abortion, and more. As time passes, they find themselves victimized by historical events they were familiar with but which they never suspected would impact their lives to such a great extent. When tyranny and betrayal by government despots and god-brokers upend their lives, the plot boils over with startling discoveries that create a dramatic finale.

Descent from the Hill describes a journey made by members of the baby boom generation. It’s a journey during which the characters’ lives are touched by current events, historical events, and the prior acts of their parents-acts committed in the name of survival, but acts that will haunt them and their children until all family members confront them.